What is technological interior design?

Technological interior design is a new and increasingly common trend. It seeks to unite two concepts and find the balance between design and technology. Under this fusion, aesthetics are used to enjoy the benefits of new technologies at home.

Our way of living has changed a lot in recent years. Today we seek the greatest comfort within our homes, as well as gain entertainment. As consequence, this trend has begun to gain more relevance. We seek a fusion between new technologies, design and greater functionality, to achieve an integrated whole.

How did this innovative concept come about?

This trend emerged 10 years ago with the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to have everything in a home: design and technology. Espacio Scena was the pioneer studio in fusing both concepts. In the words of the directos of the study, Alberto Torres:

“The job is basically to create technological spaces based on design trends. Technology is something very useful that has changed our lives, but it can also be invasive; on the other hand, classic inteior desgin tends to discard technology because it does not understand it and, therefore, houese are created without all the possible comforts”.

How to apply technological interior design

How can I integrate this ttrend into my home? In short, this trend consists of introducing gadgets without clashing with the environment. Including new technological devices is a simple task. From Svefors Realty we give you some examples:


Nowadays, lighting has become a great protagonist in homes. LED lighting is used to create environments based on use and emotions. This is done through the use of color, which is made possible by LED lighting.

Movie at home

Due to the growth of streaming platforms, many people decide to stay at home to watch a movie instead of going to the cinema. It is increasingly common to use rooms without space, or the living room itself, to turn it into a home cinema. New televisions and sound systems help to create this experience. Once again, design and technology come together to find a balance.


New technologies have brought us new wireless speakers that can be distributed throughout the home. They are able to connect to other devices. In addition, its design facilitates its integration into the decorative style of the house.


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