Advantages of buying a penthouse in Marbella

Living in a penthouse in Marbella is the dream of many people, due to the numerous advantages that this entails. But a penthouse is not just about an apartment on the top floor of the building. To be considered a penthouse it must have a private terrace. Not all buildings have attics. That is why penthouses in Marbella usually go on the market with prices 20% or 30% more thn other homes.

Despite having a higher price, the demand for penthouses from buyers is quite high. At present, the offer of penthouses is a good opportunity. Today, from Svefors Realty, we tell you why buying a penthouse in Marbella is a wise decision and a good investment.

Best views

It is logical that the first thing that stands out in a penthouse are the wonderful views. From a penthouse you can enjoy incredible views, unlike the apartments on lower floors. In the lower apartments you may be unlucky to have trees or other buildings blocking the view. This is one of the most valued advantages when buying a penthouse in Marbella.

Greater privacy

The luck of having a private terrace 365 days a year is incredible. A penthouse in Marbella usually has a private terrace of an acceptable size. These extra square meters usually increase the value of the penthouse on the market. In addition, on a private terrace you can also enjoy more time outdoors. Family gatherings or with friends, a chill-out time, etc.


Silence… Not having neighbors above is a great advantage. In addition, the noise from the street is lost with height. Being located at the top of the building provides greater tranquility. This advantage is a point in favor when deciding to buy a home, since buyers usually seek this peace of mind in their new home.

More natural light

The opportunity to have more natural light during the day is another great advantage. Being located on a high floor helps to let more light into the house, unlike the lower floors. These may be covered by trees or other buildings that eliminate that light. Being able to enjoy natural light means a significant saving of light.


Not everyone has the opportunity to live in an penthouse. This type of housing, as we have mentioned before, is usually scarce, since not all buildings have attics. In addition, there can only be one penthouse per building, which makes these homes more exclusive.

Buying a penthouse in Marbella is a good investment

In conclusion, we can say that buying a penthouse has numerous advantages. In addition, since there is little supply and high demand, these properties are very exclusive and easy to sell and rent. Therefore, buying a penthouse in Marbella is a very good investment.

Penthouses at Svefors Realty

At Svefors Realty we have several options. One of the best penthouses on the market in Marbella, it is currently located in San Pedro, on the beachfront. Do you want to know more details about this penthouse? Click here to see the best penthouse in Marbella. If you want to know the offer of penthouses that we have in Svefors Realty, do not hesitate to visit our website or click here.


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