Excursion to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small British territory located at the south of Spain, and straddles the famous Gibraltar Rock. It is a destination that quite attracts the population of the surrounding cities, such as Marbella. Since despite being a small territory, Gibraltar is full of history and activities to enjoy with the family.

History and activities

Walking through the center of the city is like travelling back in time, as Gibraltar is like a military fotress. It has a Moorish and Spanish architecture, which is worth visiting and getting lost in its alleys. South of Gibraltar are some military installations, such as Parson’s Fortress and The 100-ton gun.

Among Gibraltar’s most impressive fortificationes arte the Southport Gates. This is the first of the three gates of the Charles V Wall that defended Gibraltar for hundreds of years. Under the great Roch of Gibraltar are the Tunnels of the Great Siege, a visit that you do not want to miss. They were dug by merchant marines to defend Gibraltar, back in 1779.

Other emblematic attractions that are worth visiting in Gibraltar are the Arab Castle, the Trafalgar Cemetery, and the Punta Europa Lighthouse.

Natural Reserve

Located ate the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, is one of the great nature reserves in Europe. In this reserve a great fauna and flora abounds, also from the top you can have impressive views of the city. Here we find the famous Beverage macaques, the most popular residents of the Nature Reserve. They are the only apes that can live in freedom in all of Europe. There is a legend that says that when the last monkeys leave, Gibraltar will no longer be in the hands of the Birtish.

Main Street

Gibraltar’s main street dates back to 1552, and attracts millions of visitors each year. Along this street you will find hundreds of shops to browse, known of their duty-free items. This street encompasses the commercial area of Gibraltar, with a wide selection of products to choose from. Running through the pedestrianized Old Town, the street runs from Casemates Square to the famous Southport Gates. Its buildings have a very varied architecture, a mixture of andalusian, Moorish, Genoese, Portuguese and British.


Gibraltar’s gastronomy is linked to the traditions of Andalusian cuisine, and has certain influences from Birtish cuisine. This combination gives rise to dishes and preparations that mix both cuisines.

The “calentita” is considered the national dish, which is a cake made from chickpea flour. Other typical dishes are the “hornazo” and the “panissa”, both dishes of Andalusian incluence, and the famous fish and chips.

Aspects of interest

If you want to know other excursions from Marbella or activities to do in the city itself, do not hesitate to visit our blog.


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